Fabrication of non metallic custom components.

At West Chester Industries, we specialize in the fabrication of non-metallic materials (such as Transite HT, Phenolic and Mica Plate)—with an emphasis on thermal and electrical insulation parts as well as mechanical components. Discover More About Us »


Areas of expertise...

West Chester is proud to service the induction melting industry by fabricating a wide range of components, such as structural insulating boards and other parts in which high strength, thermal stability and electrical insulation is required.

With our extensive experience, we respond quickly and effectively to the unique requirements of our customers, taking ownership of their needs and concerns. We are committed to providing innovative solutions for required components -- from design through production.

Chemical-resistant work surfaces


Work-surface Phenolic, or chemical-resistant work surfaces are another of our specialties—as we custom cut, develop and fit laboratory countertops.


We will exceed your expectations

If you believe your product line could benefit from the many advantages of associating with a proven worldclass supplier... please contact us for details and a quote.

By maintaining a broad range of manufacturing capabilities, we can produce an infinite variety of custom parts and assemblies.

Please call us, so we can provide further details on our products, available sheet materials, types of machined parts we can produce, pressed/stamped/hi-volume, etc. No project is too big or too small, too simple or too complex for our consideration.

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